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Organic Chemistry notes for AIPMT and jee students

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PostSubject: Organic Chemistry notes for AIPMT and jee students Thu Jan 21, 2010 3:12 pm

This was made by someone for AIPMT Students but it may be of gud use even to iit aspirants....

download link

1. Duma’s method*

2. Kheldahl’s method*

3. Liebig’s method*

4. carius method (for X, S, P)*

5. soda lime test*

6. Lassaigne’s test ( for N and X)*

7. Beilstein’s test *

8. Birch reduction*

9. Kolbe’s electrolytic method*

10. hydroboration oxidation*

11. oxymercuration demercuration*

12. ozonalysis*

13. Oxo process

14. sabateir and sendren’s reduction

15. friedel craft’s alkylation and acylation*

16. wurtz reaction*

17. frankland reaction

18. Fittig reaction

19. Wurtz fittig reaction

20. berthelot synthesis

21. kucherov reaction

22. wacker oxidation

23. diels alder reaction

24. finkelstein reaction*

25. swartz reaction*

26. Diazotisation*

27. sandmaeyer’s reaction*

28. gatterman’s reaction*

29. Balzscheiman reaction*

30. Williamson synthesis*

31. Dow’s process*

32. Ulmann reaction

33. Iodoform test *

34. borodine hunsdiecker reaction

35. Raschig process

36. grove’s process

37. luca’s test*

38. wohl-zeigler reaction

39. corey house reaction

40. darzen process

41. cumene process*

42. fisher mechanism for esterification

43. reimer-tiemann reaction*

44. kolbe’s reaction*

45. schotten boumann reaction*

46. coupling reaction*

47. gatterman aldehyde synthesis*

48. MPV reduction*

49. grignard synthesis

50. rosenmund reduction*

51. stephen’s reduction*

52. gatterman koch aldehyde synthesis

53. etard process*

54. acetal formation*

55. aldol condensation*

56. cannizaro’s reaction*

57. clemmenson reduction*

58. wolff kisner reduction*

59. silver mirror test*

60. fehlings test*

61. benedicts test*

62. oppenauer oxidation

63. HVZ reaction*

64. hoffman’s bromamide reaction*

65. perkin reaction

66. claisen condensation

67. benzoin condensation

68. ardert eistert reaction

69. wittig reaction

70. victor mayer test*

71. zinin’s reduction

72. Gabrielle pthalimide synthesis*

73. hinsberg test*

74. isocyanide test*

75. leiberman nitroso test*

76. hoffman elimination reaction

77. schimidt reaction

78. curtius reaction

79. hoffman mustard oil reaction

80. demzenov rearrangement

81. allylic rearrangement

82. baeyer viliger rearrangement

83. fries rearrangement

84. claisen rearrangement

85. pinacole-pinacolone rearrangement

86. beckman’s rearrangement

87. hoffman’s rearrangement

88. wolff rearrangement

89. dienone phenol rearrangement

90. wagner meerwein rearrangement

91. benzyl-benzilic acid rearrangement
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Organic Chemistry notes for AIPMT and jee students

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