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General use of Acid Blue 9

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PostSubject: General use of Acid Blue 9 Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:12 pm

Acid Blue 9 (CAS NO.2650-18-2) is also used in soaps, shampoos, and other hygiene and cosmetics applications. In soil science, Brilliant Blue is applied in tracing studies to visualize infiltration and water distribution in the soil. It is used as the stain in Listerine's Agent Cool Blue mouthwash. A research study at the University of Rochester Medical Centre, New York, are investigating Acid Blue 9 efficacy in treating spinal cord injuries. Acid Blue 9 has various grades as per the applications. It is used as a food dye acid for coloration of foodstuffs, ice creams, beverages etc. It finds use in the manufacture of wood stains and coloration of paper & mulch. It is used as a pond dye formulated with other dyes for aquatic plant growth control. A special grade with legible salt contents is used for inkjet inks. Acid blue 9 is used in semi-permanent hair dye formulations at a maximum concentration of 0.5%.
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General use of Acid Blue 9

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